Backyard flowers

This time of the year I’m able to step outside anytime the weathers nice and find backyard flowers waiting for me and my camera. It’s easy to overlook this and miss┬áthe light just before sunset but its well worth the effort.

I’m continuing my late summer learning project of sticking with my new Fujifilm x100s. The fixed 23mm lens is not a perfect match to floral photography but with a little work it can deliver great photos.

I would love to take credit for my flower garden but really I inherited it with my home. I have added a couple of things over the years but the basic layout is unchanged.

I also can’t take credit for the activity seen this time of year. Bees and bugs busy getting ready for a long winter provide ample unsuspecting subjects.

This year I can take credit for adding Sun Flowers to the garden. In past years I have had a vegetable garden. This year I knew we were going to be busy so instead I mostly planted them in their place. Next year I may keep one area for Sun Flowers as they do bring some height to the garden (and I have never had good luck with corn).

So even when I am too busy to go to an interesting location I can keep take a couple of minutes and stop and admire my backyard flowers… and maybe grab a quick photo or two ­čÖé

If you don’t have your own flower garden walk around your town. Most have locations ┬áteaming with activity and color waiting for you and your camera.

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