OK… I am selling my prints

So a couple of posts back I basically said I was not going to sell my work. Well I have changed my mind. The reason I was not willing to sell my work was the work involved. I did not want to take orders, print and fulfill the orders. In doing research for that post I found Fine Art America who will do that work for me.

Sell Art Online

I’m not sure how much work I will sell but I decided to give it a go. I have my own site, Chris Bordeleau photography where prints can be ordered.

Art Prints

I have gone ahead an uploaded around 40 images so far. My winter project is going to be to go through my work, edit and upload along with continuing to add new work.

Photography Prints

For now this is as far as I’m willing to go. In the future maybe I’ll be willing to do more.

You can purchase my prints from this site if you got to Purchase Prints on the header bar or going to Sell Art Online to enter the full site.

thank you

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