Weekend at the cabin

Every year we spend the weekend at the cabin before the kids go back to school. This year was no different. The weather held out for most of the weekend until it was time to pack up when over an inch of rain fell.

The Gods at play
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My family had a great time and I hope our guests did as well. As the party broke up and we cleaned up from a day I heard a rumble in the distance. It was around mid-night and I was tired but I decided to go out to the porch and see if I could get some lightning strike photos. After about half a hour all I saw was cloud to cloud lightning. I took about a dozen photos and headed to bed.

Fire in the star field
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I checked my camera the next day and was pretty happy with what I had. I’m continuing to use my Fujifilm x100s. I set the camera up in manual focus set at infinity. I choose several different iso and shutter exposures hoping for the best and I was not disappointed.

Zues at play under the stars
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The next day as we were packing up my wife called me to porch. There was a good sized bug sitting on the wood pile waiting out a passing storm.

female Dobsonfly
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I looked it up later and found it was a Female Dobsonfly. It sat patiently as I grabbed my camera. The Fujifilm x100s is not a great insect camera. The 23mm lens means I need to get very close to my subject. Lucky for me the Dobsonfly was in no rush.

female Dobsonfly 2
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All photos were shot with my Fujifilm x100s.

Chicory blossom
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